We are so blessed that the Lord has provided for a new playground here at CCFL and Calvary Chapel Academy!  We are very thankful for His goodness! Our former playground, built in the early 1990s, has been torn down. Re-grading for the new playground has already been done.  Below is a drawing of what it will look like.  We hope to add another feature to it in a year or two. One of the important issues was to improve playground drainage. That has been accomplished, based on the drainage of the recent rain that we have had.  The actual installation of the equipment will be in about 8 weeks.  Once that is done then a layer of 4 inches of gravel will be spread across the entire area.  A special fabric will go on top of that, followed by a layer of 12 inches of wooden mulch.

We look forward to having your children enjoying this in the fall!