September 30, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

On Monday we received the following guidelines from Ontario County pertaining to COVID and students in Ontario County schools.  These standards are now in place for all Ontario County schools, including CCA, effective immediately.

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Please refer to the linked documents above if you have any questions.  We will try to get more clarification from the County Health Department as specific situations arise.

In His Service,

Mark Leckie


Plan for Re-Opening Calvary Chapel Academy for the 2020-2021 School Year

July 29, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

In September Calvary Chapel Academy looks to open its doors again to students. Since CCA has a smaller student population, we feel that students and faculty will be safe with in-person classes, five days a week, following the NY state guidelines of using masks, social distancing, and protective barriers.  Of course, as state guidelines change, so ours will change to coincide with state requirements.  Please note the following:

  • At the beginning of school, all students and school faculty will be screened. This will include temperature checks daily. Those with temperatures above0 will be denied entry and sent to a specified area to be picked up by a parent. We encourage parents to be proactive to take the temperatures of their students prior to them coming to school. Students and school faculty will also have a daily questionnaire to respond to.
  • Those riding the bus are expected to wear acceptable face coverings at all times on the bus and socially distance themselves from other riders, per state guidelines.
  • In school, all students will have an acceptable face covering to protect the mouth and nose areas. These are required if not appropriately distanced 6 feet. Face masks may be removed during snack time and lunch, as well as during actual instruction time if properly distanced.  There may be other break times that the masks may be removed as long as they maintain the proper distance from each other. There will be times where physical barriers between desks will be used to allow students to be closer.   Masks should be used by all when passing in the halls or other common areas, such as the lobby.   The students are encouraged to bring their own masks, however, the school will have masks for those who do not have one. Masks should not be shared. Student training and reminders of procedures will be done by our teachers.
  • The restrooms will be limited to 2 students at a time. Classes will remain separated for the majority of the day.
  • Classes such as Choir will be held in the sanctuary, where 12-foot distancing will be the requirement. Ed. classes will also have the same distancing but be conducted outside as much as possible.
  • In general, classes will spread out into other areas of the church building as needed, depending on the class size. Students in grades 5-8 will be assigned lockers with increased spacing between them.  We will post signs in the school to encourage distancing and remind students and faculty of COVID-19 precautions.
  • Staff meetings will also encourage social distancing procedures.
  • Lunch may be eaten in the classrooms, with selected grades of students being distanced in the Café. The use of the Café will be organized to prevent large gatherings of students.

There is no sharing of food or drink.  No class-wide snacks. Our hot lunch program will be suspended until further notice.  Students are encouraged to bring their own lunches and snacks.

  • Windows and outside doors will be opened to allow for more outdoor air in the building during the school day. The heating and air conditioning systems will be checked frequently.
  • Classrooms will be cleaned daily and log maintained by the teachers of each classroom. Disposable wipes shall be provided to staff so that commonly used surfaces can be wiped down before and after use. Proper hygiene will be promoted.  Hand sanitizer will be available for student use.  Visibly soiled hands should be washed with soap and water. Students are encouraged to bring their own water, rather than using the drinking fountain. Desks are cleaned at least once a day, and more often as needed.
  • Should students show COVID-19 symptoms during the school day, they will be isolated in the nurse’s office or another area and asked to be picked up by a parent or guardian, who should then take the student for testing. If any student or staff member tests positive for the Coronavirus, they may return to school once they have followed the Ontario County Health Department procedure for isolation and return. Communication with the school families about COVID-19 concerns will be through phone, text, and email. In the event that students are not able to join classes due to the virus, students may join classes via Jitsi Meet, a remote learning video tool.

Thank you in advance for all your cooperation in these difficult times.  Let’s work together to keep everyone safe, healthy, and in school!

In His Service,

Mark Leckie, Principal


If you have any questions feel free to fill out the contact form below.