September 10, 2021

Dear Parents,

As we start a new school year there are again concerns about the COVID virus. What seemed to be disappearing has apparently returned in a slightly different form.

We, along with other private and public schools in our area, have received new mandates of operation from New York State.  We are therefore adjusting our policies as stated below.

Utilizing the State information and incorporating them into our particular private school situation, here is how we will operate this school year.

  • There will be no temperature checks at the door. If you are sick, please stay home!

By sending your child to school, you are indicating that he or she has no symptoms and has not been exposed to anyone with COVID.

  • We encourage frequent handwashing and basic etiquette of covering a cough or a sneeze.
  • Students should not “invade” the space of others in the school. Try to stay 3 feet apart.
  • We will open windows slightly in the rooms when possible. In the classroom, we will move desks to be at least 3 apart from each other. In rooms where this is not possible, there will be plexiglass-type dividers between desks.
  • Cleaning of desks and other objects touched by the students will be important.
  • Students and staff members should wear a mask in areas where they cannot be socially distanced. (Masks are required if you are riding the bus to and from school. Also, certain field trip locations may require them as well.  The school has an ample supply of masks on hand).

Included is a CDC flowchart of how we will proceed if a student is sick with COVID symptoms.  This is for your reference.

Of course, we will be praying for the health of all of our students, families, and staff as we begin a new and exciting school year!  Thank you all for your support of Calvary Chapel Academy!

Click here to see the chart

Click here to see symptom chart

Click here if you have been exposed to COVID

In His Service,

Pastor Mark Leckie